I want to know whether any remedy is available after catract?

Surgery is the only potent remedy for cataract.
Its called Cataract operation. After the operation, avoiding direct sunlight by wearing cloudy glasses is advise.Consult a good opthalmologist.He'll know how to help you better.
Try to move about to 'SEWA KENDRA' of Ramdeo babaji in your city. Or write to DIVYA PHARMACY, HARIDWAR.
Removal of a cataract is an everyday operation, zilch to worry just about these days. it involves removing the lens from the medication and inserting a new clear synthetic lens surrounded by its place. After that, you will never get another cataract within the eye which has be operated on. You don't want any remedy after the operation, the surgeon will instruct you on aftercare and the drops you may have to use for a moment.
I don't know of any other way to buy and sell with a cataract successfully.
Yes. Put your interview to ayurvedaonline@yahoogroups.com
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