Pain, is nearby a definite cure?

There is a medicine out that i saw on a TV comercial that claims to cure adjectives of your body pain and it is within a spray bottle that you spray in your mouth I can't remember the entitle of it, what i want to know is if any one out there have heard or tried this product and if so, does it work?

probably worthless. if works, you should notify a mortician first contained by case you draw from the dose wrong using some sort of bought on TV spray bottle full of narcotics.
Don't believe it.
Pain can only be relieved, not cured.
you really can't belive much you see on tv.and if nearby was something approaching that out there, i'm sure it would be very well known, and not a moment ago shown on infomercials..sorry
one can cure an illness, aching is only a symptom

this channel that either one cures the bug that generate the pain, or that misery should and can be managed, to ensure a better element of life.

It is said that pot help a lot to oversee long term misery.
As an amputee i live with twinge (real pain) daily. My instrument is to use the Breath. When the pain comes, relax the body entirely, and breathe IN and hold later breathe OUT repeat and the pain become manageable.
Don't believe it. Save your money.

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