Hey, does acupuncture hurt?

like wat is it adjectives about!!??

Answer:    Hurt, no. Feel odd, yes at first. When I went for acupuncture at hand was comparatively a bit of apprehension. The man told me that if I felt any burning sensations to inform him immediately. I did hold a burn, tingle one time and he removed that needle hastily.
My first treatment was traditional type and my wife who be with me said he put roughly 50 needles in my vertebrae and shoulder. The second time a different acupuncturist used the needles as electric conductors and it was relatively a different experience. Two time did the job, and I enjoy never been posterior.
I would not hesitate to recommend it though.
No. The needles are so small I don't even awareness them even when placed in my facade. (outside of that weird appearance)

It is used by oodles licensed doctors to help associates cope with strain or other acute health conditions or preventive drug to balance heartiness.

The people who practice accupunture treat individuals who enjoy received a traditional diagnoses or though an evaluation of an issue through questions around emotion, symptoms, life style, sleep pattern and in some cases evaluating the tongue. The size, shape and color.
No, at hand is just for a while pressure when the needles stick you- like a touch.

What's it all going on for? Read this:
http://altmedicine.more or less.com/cs/treatmen...
No, it just stimulates pressure points and creates more flow contained by desired areas to create a faster healing or be a foil for in the body.

Reflexology is another form of it but no needles, basically pressure points messaged through the feet.

Feldenkrais is soothing through movement with no needles to stimulate brain body restorative as well.

Its entrancing what you can do for the body to help the body alleviate itself.

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