If it is permitted for Cancer Patients to lift "pure meds" to rob away the spasm, after why can't diabetics?

It is said that marijuana is good for diabetes, cancer etc... so it's permitted for people next to cancer can we make it permissible for diabetics?

There are many medical uses for marijuana, and it should be up to doctors, not lawmaker to decide if it will benefit a merciful.
What makes pot apt for diabetics?
The benefit that marijuana has for cancer patients is that it increases their appetite after it have been decrease by chemotherapy.

In reality, they could use other, allowed drugs to achieve this same effect. That's one of the reason why "medical marijuana" has NOT be approved by the U.S. federal government.
I'm a diabetic who be diagnosed over ten yrs. ago and suffer no abnormal pains thank God. What pains r u discussion about? I achieve hypoglycemic if I don't have plenty sugar in my blood system and I know diabetics that own had seizure from insulin deficiencies but never enjoy I associated any real misery for diabetes except for those patients which have lost a recent upper limb but r soon over those pains. R u just looking for an excuse to smoke pot and carry high on the establishment? Ur question sounds rather peculiar. Cancer patients on the other hand move about through a hell of a lot more strain than diabetics and the disease is a whole other animal near chemotherapy and all, I'm conversation from experience in recession and not using the crutch of backache to use free pot. I never was an avid pot smoker although I experimented oodles times with it and I'm not looking forward to carry hooked on it legally.
Because marijuana is a controled narcotic.

I know that Marrijuana is perfect for people near glaucoma, AIDS, Cancer. etc. but I have not read one scintilla of proof that marijuana would be upright for diabetics.

Reasoning tells me that Marijuana would be very bad for diabetics. Weed gives race the munchies for foods the diabetics cannot eat
The senate still says mairjuana is not official for cancer patients. I think it may be a bag of we say it is not lawful; but we will only create it an issue if and when we want. The doctors who do prescribe it can get surrounded by trouble, at least contained by most states in the United States. Also the prescription form is a pill Marinol.

Here are some things that are well brought-up for diabetics; but you must keep your sugar plane monitored
Diabetes (Keep monitored!)
Chomium picolinate
V 8 juice
Cayenne pepper
Prickly pear
(Reduce fast blood sugar)
Milk thistle
Acetyl L-carintine (ALC) (for diabetic neuropathy)
There is a medication (legal) that is made out of Marijuana that contains the nifty properties that you might want to ask your physician about. I'm not adjectives the great with modern meds since most are toxic for the body, but it is made out of a organic substance.
they should just make conform it for everyone of legal age, resembling beer and cigarettes are.

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