What is the best doomed to failure taste food for soothing a cold?

My friend told me to eat a complete raw ginger root because it have anti-immune benefits. It tastes incredibly bitter, but maybe the worse it taste the better it is for you. Do you have any fruitless tasting remedies? I am trying to grasp over this cold asap.

Rocket Fuel (used on my son today and it worked)

1 lemon
1 clove garlic
1/8 tsp ginger
pinch cayenne
1 tsp honey
slice onion
2 cups water

whiz up and drink on untaken stomach (does not mix with food
really well)

the ginger will keep you from throwing up
the onion, garlic and lemon are instinctive antibiotics
cayenne stimulates your body
honey makes it walk down better
hot and sour soup
Try biting into a garlic clove, I tried it once and it definately cleared out my nose!
How just about lemon and honey in a luke thaw water. It hold help me. Ginger, Garlic.tooo

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