Sore throat?? How to relieve it?

My throat is killing me. I can't natter very ably and it hurts to swallow. What are some methods to combat sore throat. peppermint seems to give support to for a little.

My suggestion is to go to the Doctor and draw from some antibiotics, you probably have any strep throat or tonsillitis and both are contagious. To relieve it until you go to the Doctor try sucking on an aspirin or intake a raw onion I hold heard these things work for a moment bit. Probably will work as much as your peppermint. Hope you feel better soon :)
try a lemon!and gargle beside some peroxide that kills the germs also try a cough drop.
Sometimes gargle with saline water will abet a little.

Hope you surface better soon. If not, go to a doctor. It could be an infection that requests antibiotics.
It sounds crazy, but hydrogen peroxide rinse as well as holding it contained by each ear give or take a few 10 minutes always help me!
break up a throat lozenger and boil water consequently make tea putting it contained by the tea. stir until it dissolves. also make hot tea and honey NOT sugar it will aid you immune system to fight rotten your sore throat
gargle with reheat water and saline a couple times a day
First - gargle next to warm saline water. Then drink a nice hot mug of river with lemon and honey. Lemon and honey both enjoy healing virtues and the warm drink will soothe your throat.
I gargle beside hot salt hose down. You should get a strep try-out.
i hate sore throats. this is what i do. it other works. you need some tough cough drops... none of those sugary kind. really strong ones, like hall. even if they taste gross, they minister to tons. gargle with some melt salt wet, and drink tea with honey within it. all of this help. i'd drink a cup of decaffinated tea about once an hour.. put contained by a movie and drink some. gargle with saltwater since your tea. in between tea cups, suck on cough drops religiously!
Gargle next to warm brackish water; in the order of 2 TBLs to an 8oz glass. Don't swallow!

Mug of Hot marine, Juice of 1 Lemon, 1TBLS Honey (local is best).
Drink a couple cups a day.
My sister within law and I both swear by Royal Energy Tea from everytime we start to obtain a sore throat brew up a cup or two add clover honey and its gone ..Good Luck
Yogi Teas have a Throat Comfort tea that is really really apposite! I like it seriously.
Here's two remedies from Earth Clinic:
Cayenne Powder
Hot Apple Cider Vinegar & Cayenne Pepper
Try lemon and orange liquid with a bit of honey. Take Acidophilus tablet every morning on empty stomach and drink plenty of marine.

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