Tachycardia ?

i was newly wondering what kind of treaments near are for tachycardia .. ? thanks .

There requests to be more research done on this subject but chriopractors are investigating how adjustments affect the heartrate.
depends.. any underlying heart trouble? except usually a beta blocker such as toprol , lopressor, metoprolol..
This depends on what might be causing the tachycardia. Assuming that in attendance is something wrong with the subject's heart, Hawthorn is an herb that have been used for a intensely long time to treat strengthen the heart, especially in good opinion to arrhythmia. It cannot hurt you and might help.

Here is a pretty involved description of things particular about the use of this herb: http://floraleads.com/hawthorn.htm...

Here are some other cause of tachycardia: extreme emotion; disorientation; asthma; anemia; thyroid problems; panic attack; stimulating substances (caffeine, nicotine, meds); potassium not as much as; vitamin B deficiency; extreme diet. Read more here: http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/t/tachycar...

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