Why is cold tablets not sold over the counter anymore?

I know its because people use it to brand name stuff. Is there in actuality a combination of cold medicine relatives put together to make a cheap simulation of stuff? By the path I don't care if this give somebody the third degree is removed because I'm sure I would find out one way or another. I am a short time ago curious after seeing people imitation it in so several movies.

It is because the psuedoephedrine and dextromethorphan in the cold medicine (over the counter, or OTC) are used to make drugs such as meth or eagerness. To purchase these cold medicines are immediately required to show identification one and only because it is so often used in a minute to make not permitted drugs. In fact, most kids use it to find high, simply on its own, in complex quantities. Its confident for teens to get, its lawful and adults usually have no theory that they are using it. As far as synthesizing drugs from it, i'm not sure exactly how that works, but I do know that the psuedoephedrine is the main ingredient one used to produce the drugs.
It is the sudafed that they use to make meth, somehow. That is why it is adjectives behind the counter presently.
Meth addicts enjoy ruined it for the rest of us. Idiots.
people generate meth from it some just resembling to get big on it alone
Meth users are stupid people and ruin buying cold prescription over the counter for the rest of us "Normal People"
It is still sold over the counter, however there is a factor to how many bottles, packages, you can buy. Most stores it is two packages. This is because the principal ingredient in the decongestant is pseudoephedrine, which is a most important ingredient in the street drug methamphetamine. It's not a cheap simulation, it is the actual thing, concentrated from cold tablets most of the time. It is now housed astern the counter, but you don't need a prescription to buy it, hence it is still over the counter, even though it is presently behind the counter.
One of the ingredients (pseudoephedrine) found within over the counter cold remedies like Sudefed can be used to produce Methamphetamine.

Our beloved Gov't feels the meth problem is so unpromising and so pervasive that the only path to try to slow illegal production is to remove Sudefed-like drugs from the selves, and impede the number of doses you can buy at one time.

All in adjectives, quite ridiculous really. But, near you have it. The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave, so long as you don't have need of relief from a stuffed snout.
All this talk going on for meth... What about DXM which is found contained by all cold prescription as a cough suppressant
Because the disregard of the law and a dearth of self-control on the subdivision of a very small percentage of the population own once again prevented the rest of us from doing something legally, expediently, and conveniently.

Making methamphetamine is not a adjectives or classified process. It's been shown on TV several times, efficiently viewed if one watches the Discovery and National Geographic channel. You need to crush and later heat up the pills containing pseudoephedrine hydrochloride. It is, however, moderately dangerous, as the full thing can blow up and/or leak noxious toxic fumes.

You can probably see footage from these programs on the Internet somewhere, if you're really curious. Use Dogpile or Google and go hunting.

Some colds tablets containing a substitute decongestant is now available on the shelf again. Apparently this one can't be used for illicit purposes -- all the same. I think the ingredient is phenylephedrine, or something resembling that; there's a PE on the front label of the newer class, but I'm not completely sure of the name of that modern ingredient. It works almost as well as the frail kind, contained by my experience.
it*s cuz all the dope head buy it to make meth !!!!!

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