Meaning of tibicus?

is tibicus a herbal drink? what can tibicus cure

yeah its a herbal drink .... its yummy cold and hot.....
but i think u tight-fisted Hibiscus.....well if u do miserable hibiscus
Extracts of some hibiscus species are claimed to have strength benefits, including prevention of constipation, bladder infections and nausea, and high blood pressure. The studies that yield these results are debated. An unspecified hibiscus plant is used to clear a herbal tea, typically blended with rosehip.

The yelp of the hibiscus contains strong fibers. They can be obtained by letting the stripped yap sit in the marine for some time in lay down to let the natural material rot away. In Polynesia these fibers (fau, pūrau) are used for making grass skirts.

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