Leg Pain Please lend a hand?

Hi i'm 22 an i have be having leg anguish every since i could remember. When i would walk or stand for a long length of time my legs would ache approaching a tooth ache. I can lone stand up for 2 hours before my legs would lately start to ache. Sometime its both of them sometime its basically one. When the weather changes it hurts really fruitless then. It dosn't occur that offten but every now an later they would hurt while sitting down for a long period of time i'm talkin perchance about 8 hours. I own been to the docotor an have x-ray done they rulled out arthritis. But couldn't find a problem with my legs. I enjoy allways ran track started at age 8 an stop at 15. Around 12 i have gotten shin plints an the pain be too much for me to bear. I'm 5'1 105 i own allways been slim. I hope someone could at tiniest send me a the right direction. This have affected my vivacity big time. Thanks in credit

Take ARNICA 30C and RHUS TOX 30C together thrice aday half hour until that time meals and filch SULFUR 200C just once a morning first thing surrounded by the morning, let me know how much it help after taking them for three days while continuing the use of the medicines you will be fear alright in a few days.And Homeopathic Medicines do not hand over you side effects and or complications.
Take care and God Bless
I'd see a different doctor - I don`t know even a sports doctor or orthopedic doctor. There's no reason to be contained by pain adjectives of the time.
Try applying bengay to the painful areas, this may give support to relieve some aches. Talk to a physical consultant perhaps they can give an account you some leg techniques and stretches to minimize discomfort.

Also, inquire around doctors who specify in leg problems (not sure what they are called). This is noticeably not normal.

Good luck -- grain better soon!
go hindmost to your doctor again and have he/she listen to what your going through and if he/she doesn't assist then find a different one.
I am not an fan of pills and such prefering natural remedies first, but I have found one over the counter medication that does really work, at tiniest for me, at age 62,with plentiful sore joints and muscles etc., and to be exact ALEVE. The stuff is rather amazing contained by how it relieves soreness and stiffness, when nothing else have really helped much. As practical as I am able to make clear to, there are no side effects Its not too expensive, and I hope it can relief. If that doesn't work, you might try spiritual means if you are so inclined--according to your disposition and beliefs. Those methods can be really amazing also,I can one-sidedly testify to that. At any rate , good luck! I hope you find a approach to feel better.
I too suffer from hip, leg, and foot twinge.also swelling in my ankles..I hold been to doctors and none of them own said what it could be..I am more then twice your age though and it could be age related.The doctor requests to do more blood tests.I hold another appointment tomorrow and hope to get help out for the pain, because I can just about walk anymore...My niece also suffers from spasm in her legs..She be diagnosed with "RLS" (Restless Leg Syndrome) after going through heaps tests..One of her doctors sent her to "John Hopkins" surrounded by Baltimore for tests.She is also "Anemic" and have "Thyroid" problems.Have your doctor check yours too, if you haven't already.
Possibly it is a sluggish blood circulation. Try changing positions habitually. If standing, sit and if sitting stand. Stretch during the day as in good health. Try walking for exercise, not running. The walking would improve the circulation too. Put your foot up when you get a hit and miss to increase the blood return. Don't cross your legs when you are sitting.
ask your doctor for a perscription for hydrocodone, or vicodin. I had leg pains and get hydrocodone and I feel so much better very soon. it works.
sounds like a pinched sassiness in your lower subsidise

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