Question more or less drugs?? grapes vs. crack?

im doing a project and i need to know which one is "better" according to the entity using it...

1 lb. of crack?
or 1 lb. of grapes?


Crack is extremely doomed to failure!!!!!!Grapes can be good if you don't miss use them.Some discouraging people use grapes to create very potent alcohol.Crack shouldn't be used by individuals who have drug problems,and grapes shouldn't be used by populace with a alcohol problem.
DRUGS ARE BAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol seriously i don't do drugs but i reckon crack would have a worse effect.
Dont know what the query is really but crack is pointless. Apound of herb or acid would be better. as Dennis Leary say "I would never do crack... I would never do a drug named after a element of my own ***, okay?”
The crack between her legs is much better then grapes. must like grapes a total lot to ask such a question.

ow... that stuff I used to do adjectives the time for many years. Yes Yes. THAT crack!!!!!. hell it screwed up my brain so much I didnt know what you be asking at first. well subsidise then I would own sold the roof of my home and my first born son for a lb of crack.
crack,cause you could deal in it or just smoke it adjectives up

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