Colon cleansers?

Can anyone recommend doing one? If yes, are the supplements OK to use? I am talking around doing it at home and not in a doctors bureau.

I am afraid of taking all those herb for cleansing unless a doctor told me to do so. I have have bad side effects next to herbal methods.
colonic cleansing is very respectable and yes you are going to need to whip a pro-biotic to replace flora and electrolytes. thet are a great way to eat up the risk of colon cancer, just be sure not to drink any kind of meat and or dairy for almost a day after you do it b/c the germs from the animals will get into your system formerly the pro-biotics have time to work.
My wife & I both hold used "Super Cleanse for your colon" by the Nature's Secret company. It works gently and completely.

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