Synthetic vs Natural Thyroid Hormone?

Has anyone switched from synthetic thyroid hormone (synthroid, levothyroxin, etc) to natural "desicated" thyroid hormone (I meditate Armour maybe one of the brand names)??? Can you please your experience/opinions, especially in connection with mood and cognitive effect? Thank you so much!

it really doesnt matter that much whether a drug is synthetic or inbred. basically, thyroid hormone is a signal- it act on a receptor, which tells the cell to do something. expect of it like a switch opening up a lock, it doesnt situation if its the real knob or a copy, what matters is how it fits into the lock and open the door or not. same with drugs, your body doesnt caution if its natural or not, what matter is how it interacts with the receptors and effects your body. in attendance are 2 forms of thyroid hormone T3 and T4 (with T4 being sort of inactive comparied to T3)- the synthetic version are all completely the same to the T4 your body makes, and most people's bodies readily convert T4 to T3 as needed. armour thyroid is unsophisticatedly ground up pig thyroid and contains both T3 and T4- and it isnt a closely controlled set amount like 137mcg as contained by the synthetic, the amount of hormone varies widely pill to pill (maybe 250mcg contained by this pill, 75 in the next) so its harder to save your levels consistant beside the natural stuff. some people's bodies cant convert T4 to T3 in good health so those people could benefit from the colloquial stuff, but for the rest its generally easier and more potent to manage thyroid imbalance with the synthetic stuff. plus the armour thyroid smells similar to **** youll notice that the second the panama comes off the bottle. but speak to your doc if youre having trouble next to your levels, it could benefit you.

and contrary to what the homeopathic wannabe internet quacks right to be heard, natural hormone replacement isnt any better than synthetic hormone replacement, they both take the same risks and benefits. synthetic and crude hormones are chemically identical, your body cant speak about the difference. its like any other chemical, cart water for a example, H2O- two hydrogen molecules bonded to an oxygen molecule. doesnt event if it was formed surrounded by a lab or nature, its still like stuff
I switched about 3 years ago. It be the best thing for my condition. I go from having every symptom beside Levoxyl, to maybe 50% of symptoms next to Levoxyl & Cytomel combo, to hardly any symptoms next to Armour. With Armour, the doctor needs to adjust the dosage by free t4 and free t3. You'd want the free t4 to be at smallest midrange and the free t3 high contained by range. Below are a couple of websites that settle a lot more or less Armour and natural meds. If you are have a lot of symptoms on T4, later Armour may be for you.

About mood, I was paranoid formerly Armour. Thanks to Armour that's no longer the case.
Hi! i switched from synthetic (levothyroxin) to Armour inborn thyroid hormones this summer. I think it works much better and I know that it is well again for me. I am not aware of thyroid problems having anything to do beside your moods but I was on synthetic meds for depression and enjoy found something natural that works really all right and allowed me to wean myself off of the synthetics. I hold been working on varying everything I can over to natural products and own found a company to get them from. Love it. Let me know if you want to know more.
I hold not tried it yet, as I am waiting for my doctor's appointment to consult him on it...However, I enjoy done quite a bit of my own research on unconscious vs. synthetic hormones, and the natural come across to win out in every suitcase. Just makes more sense, really.
I use Amour near very polite benifits. My daughter is on Synthroid & Amour & is doing fine. When she was only just on 1 she wasn't balanced.
I hold never been on any synthetic thyroid hormone so cannot properly answer your quiz.

I am taking a natural thyroid hormone call "Nature Thyroid". Just mentioning it in overnight case you want another natural thyroid hormone for your doc to investigate surrounded by addition to Armour. I believe the Nature Thyroid have less binders than Armour, making it more available to the body's receptor sites.

Also--it is immensely beneficial to have your iodine level checked. If levels are deficient, the thyroid cannot function properly. I have be able to shrink the Nature Thyroid twice due to proper iodine supplementation--and I lost the additional solidity I had gain around my waist. Of course, make sure you are not allergic to iodine.

Sources are scheduled below.

Good luck and best of health to you.

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