Tea stains. Is this desperate or well brought-up?

Awhile back I be washing my dishes and notice how strong the stains are in a teacup and firm to remove. I thought about it and started wondering if tea can stain a cup this weakly, what is it doing to my insides when I drink it? I found myself not drinking much tea from that day forward. However; I am also aware of various different tea’s that are good for you and do miss have them in my diet. Any thoughts on this?

it cleans your insides but it stains your teeth. Ask a stomach doctor and a dentist.
not honourable
Tea is great for you! And I promise you that your insides are vastly different from those of the teacup. Your worries remind me of those of people who look at the buttermilk crust inside an empty glass or who try departure a nail contained by a cup of coca-cola overnight, and having it dissolve completely by morning, and compare their results to what go on in their stomach.

Your stomach is full up with churning, industrial strength sharp that digests everything that comes into it. The tea doesn't have a war chance of staining anything. And the robustness benefits of drinking tea are enormous, especially beside a varied tea diet (i.e. green tea for antioxidants, white tea for a better immune system, etc). Don't disown this delicious and healthful beverage because of ungrounded fears!!
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