What are co-analgesic drugs?

What are co-analgesic drugs and give examples please?

Answer:    Coanalgesic, or adjuvant drugs, are medication whose primary indication is for a purpose other than backache relief, but that demonstrate some analgesic effects. Antidepressants, anticonvulsants, corticosteroids, and other drugs may be used as coanalgesics. Coanalgesics may be used surrounded by addition to other analgesics or alone as primary treatment for specific scratchy conditions. Most experience with coanalgesics have been surrounded by the treatment of chronic pain, but adjuvant analgesics are increasingly mortal used to treat acute pain.
An opioid analgesic should be introduced and titrated to a maximum effect formerly a coanalgesic is added to the pain command regimen. The reason for this is that when both drugs are introduced together, the risk of toxicity is increased and it may be difficult to determine which drug is responsible for producing analgesia or for cause side effects. Fewer patients experience pain nouns from coanalgesics than from opioid analgesics. So Opium is one example. Most coanalgesics have a slower birth of analgesic action:
because the coanalgesic drug must gather together before it provides affliction relief, and/or because psychiatric therapy is initiated at low doses to avoid side effects.

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