Talking @ work today something like what pills work better for discomfort Someone said ther r diff kind of percocets How?

How do I know what ones I am taking if I no longer have the bottle they come in? ARE some stronger or work better dont know much roughly speaking them was given them one time when I took a spill out I thought the were percocets but a girl @ work said they be something else and not the good type.. All I know is the are fairly big white round pill that has TEC on one side and a splash on the other. Don't really care but its merely kinda bugging me help plez

Hmmmm. This doesn't nouns right to me. If you got this prescription legitimately at the pharmacy, of course you get the right pills. But you carry your pills around short the bottle they came surrounded by? I'm sorry, I just don't believe you. You would know they be the right pills if you had gotten them rightfully. And if you had any question about them, you would be calling the pharmacy instead of asking strangers and believing some coworker. Maybe they aren't Percocets because the personality you bought them off of (illegally) scammed you. Now you're upset that you get taken on a drug deal.
Actually, they are oxycodone and Tylenol. But they are not US made. They are made contained by Canada. So if you life surrounded by the US, you most certainly did not get hold of these legally.
Please be judicious in taking any agony reliever, coz it gonna ruins your liver..
There are two different "Perco's". Percodan is made with oxycodone and aspirin, Percocet is oxycodone and acetaminophen (tylenol). Anyway, sounds close to you're more into the pills your taking rather than relieving cramp. See your doc. Good luck.
All percocet is the same composition (tylenol and oxycodone); but it belongs to the class of drugs call OPIATES which all derive from opium--morphine one the granddaddy.. So, there are alot of different opiates that conduct yourself slightly different and have varying strengths (some are codeine, fentanyl, demerol, morphine etc). Different manufacturer can make indistinguishable drug too , so the pills will look different, but still be the same drug. So not easy to say what your fried way "not the good kind"--if it works and your untested prescription was for percocet, after you have percocet.
hail as the poison controll center describe the pill they will tell you what it be

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