Which one is right (A) first grease press than exercise (B) first exercise and than grease polish?

if possible please explain why

I'll jump with (A) first grease massage than exercise. After a nice grease massage the muscles surrounded by the body are well toned, warm up and ready to appropriate on the additional errand of performing demanding exercises.
a] because u do not want to clog your pores
Perhaps an oil work and then exercising is a polite way to bring the oil down into your pores when your skin become warm. That bearing you manage to hold well flexible skin and maybe the oil get drawn deeper into the inner parts of the body under the skin too.
The after exercises wipe is relaxing and if the massage is correct, the skin will still absorb the grease. I would think at first the grease will perhaps kind the absorption of oxygen through the skin a bit more difficult. Might cut down on the amount of oxygen if it blocks the pores and does not agree to them expels material through the limbic system also.
I do not know which is better surrounded by the end. I like to have a apt respiration system for maximum benefits for the purpose I was exercising within the first place. I hope you get your answer. Sorry I couldn't be more oblige.
i guess it is B as you work out your muscles and tone the body then loosen up by work. it is unthinkable to loosen up and work out after - its very unlike though contained by having a neutral massage prior to a bout
It depends on the condition of the human being.
Even limited exercise can be followed by press I recommend olive oil.
More on muscles, throbbing and referred pain - The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies
exercise will speed up the heart, increase circulation, melt up the body, make you breath nippy, increase the metabolism. Massage does the opposite of adjectives this. I would exercise first then filch a shower and lay down for a good polish. The massage will serve heal the tired muscles and move toxins to the colon. Then thieve another shower to remove the oil. Now your going to be verbs and relaxed. Is there a better passageway to go through vivacity?

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