how much does nursing assistants label an hour?

Depends on what state you live in..
Depends on what county you live contained by..
Depends on what city you live in.
Depends on what type of facility you live within (hospital or long term care)..

I would say-so the average is 8-12 dollars.can't be certain though..
Usually starting around 7 dollars, little smaller amount or more.
I think 15 bucks or so
That depends where on earth you live. Look into medical assistant. They make more and you go and get more/better training and always can find a career you like. Nurses aids/assistants are predetermined to what they can do.
i started out on 7 an hour but i have made up to 11 around a month out of school!
depends on plentiful factors. depends on where on earth you live, where you work (whether hospital, private one or county one), skills acquire, etc. there is a shortage of them nation widespread so it's good to see associates still wanting to go into the nursing paddock.
Depends on what state you live in..within Florida it's about seven dollars an hour.They deserve more..
In Alaska NAs $13.00+ per hour
In Oklahoma CNAs/CMAs put together between 10-14 dollars an hr i think. But it really a moment ago depends on where you work, what state you are working within and everything.

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