If i run an average strength pill of exultation, do you have a sneaking suspicion that il get the impression it. First time.?

Yes you will feel it. Just remember to hang on to hydrated--thats how alot of these dumb 1st timers die, because they don't drink water while on E.

The first time I tried it, I be sitting down for the first 45 minutes. Nothing seemed approaching it was taking place. I said, "When does this crap kick contained by?" Then I stood up. The rush of euphoria will penetrate every factor in your body. I sunk pay for down in the couch beside a big sexual moan and laughed. It be a great feeling. However, the downside is the comedown. You start getting a sore mouth from smiling, and you may start grinding your teeth, so get some gum. Take a local anaesthetic if you're going to sleep, because you may wake up near some serious body aches. I've solely done E maybe 3 times contained by my life. The comedown and cost (it's expensive for one little pill) is what keep me from doing it more often.

How do you generate love? You will discern the love everywhere. It heightens your senses and you bring back a newer appreciation for people and things around you.
Ya you should. Ecstasy really help you feel love so if you can generate atmosphere of love within yourself it will fashion the experince hit faster and stronger and for sure.
sure if you do dont die from over heating..
its a disgusting dirty drug... you could die from one time use...
the woman who wrote the 3 paragraphs on it is right. One pill for the first time is newly fine. Drink water but dont drink too much. its an awesome fancy. just be wary who you do it with, dont wanna get hold of raped now.

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