What is the best FDA otc drugs for parasite cleansing?

I feel iritation within my intestine, and have othe character parasitic symptoms. What is the best best FDA approved otc drugs for parasites cleansing, especially worms(hookworms, roundworms, wipeworms, tapeworms, etc)?.

Pin-X (Pyrantel Base).

The best course to treat pinworms is to use an over-the-counter pinworm medication, such as Pin-X -(R). Formerly available by prescription only, FDA approved Pin-X (R) is in a minute available OTC. Pin-X (R) usually requires only a single dose to get rid of pinworms. Because pinworms are so highly contagious, adjectives family member should be treated. Dosing is according to patient bulk... while several children can be treated with a single bottle of Pin-X (R), if at hand are two or more adults, two bottles may be required. Because reinfestation from existing pinworm eggs in the home is possible, copious families will do a follow-up pinworm treatment at two weeks.

Labeled instructions should be followed exactly. It is estimated that nearly 20% of the population may have pinworms at any given time, and while some relations members may not hold symptoms, they may be the source for infesting and re-infesting other family member. The eggs are microscopic and easily airborne, influential to infestation by inhalation and ingestion. The Merck Manual (and other current medical literature) uses
some very strong dialogue in recommend that the patient's entire household be treated. Everyone should be taught or reminded of the need of good hygiene, specifically thorough foot washing after going to the restroom or playing outdoors beforehand meals.

Pin-X(R) works in the intestinal tract to eliminate pinworms and their eggs. Pin-X(R) works inwardly 24-48 hours, and does not readily pass into the bloodstream. Formerly available by prescription with the sole purpose, Pin-X(R) is now available over the counter.

Hope this help.

Rick the Pharmacist
papaya,ginger-pickled,pumpkin seeds,garlic next to carrot juice.pineapples.consult beside a Dr to be sure you have a tapeworm
Sorry I can't give support to you here. Your in alternative drug. Go back to vigour.
Conventional Drug Use -
For those not afraid of using pharmaceutical remedies, treatment for intestinal worms is simple, cheap and effective, near a single dose of Albendazole (400mg pills), which kills the full-size worms. As reinfection may occur (particularly amongst children), treatment is advise once a year, or every six months if reinfection is a big problem. Those who should not be treated by these means include: those who are already unwell for some other common sense, e.g. with a hallucination (treatment should be delayed until they are feeling better); girls/women are pregnant (treatment should not be given during the first three months of pregnancy); those next to chronic illness such as sickle cell anemia.

Alternative treatment -
1.Parasite Cleanse - If you suspect vermin, you may simply have to confirm this by taking an anti-parasite cleanse. Get from a inborn, health store.

2.A adjectives natural remedy for flushing bedbugs out of one's system is a blend of three herbs: Black walnut (green hull) tincture, wormwood capsule, and fresh ground cloves (to kill the parasites' eggs.
Try "PURGE PARASITIS" - from current roots herbal, and follow the instructions.

3.Zinc supplement - Tissue damaged by intestinal vermin demonstrates an enhanced recovery rate beside adequate zinc intake.

Preventing Re-infection
Periodically consume curry meal (highly anti-parasitic) followed by probiotics treatment (to re-establish healthy intestinal flora).

It is a natural approach to EXPECT to become infected by destructive parasites and to endure a periodic (i.e. annual) parasitic cleanse, as most fresh waters worldwide located near human habitation ARE polluted.

Wash adjectives fruits and vegetables in verbs water back eating (to prevent roundworm and whipworm infection).

Always wear shoes or slippers (to prevent hookworm infection).

Do not use river from septic tanks or other potentially contaminated sources for watering vegetables.

Contain adjectives fecal matter (e.g. by using a toilet or latrine, to some extent than "as nature intended" outside).

Teach children proper hygiene i.e. wash hands after going to the toilet, playing outside and previously preparing or eating food.
Isagenix. www.thedetoxlife.com. I'm not sure if it's FDA approved or not but my loved ones use it and it works.
This is not listed as a OTC drug but a pure folk remedy for intestinal parasites -- a worm remedy from Pakistan.
2 or 3 cloves garlic
1 cup warm sea
Peel and chop garlic cloves very fine. Drop into a standard-size river glass and put in warm hose down. The glass should be give or take a few two-thirds full. Stir, cover, and let stand overnight. Stir mixture again contained by the morning and let garlic settle to the bottom, or strain, consequently drink the water.
VERMOX 500mg
Try gnc brand complete body cleanse.$39.99 @ www.gnc.com.It uses a blend of fibers,probiotics,vitamins,and minerals.It's 100% inborn.There are 14 packets of pills .You thieve one packet when you wake up and one when you stir to bed.This is a 7 day cleanse.If your not positive with it, you can get hold of a refund.

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