What is the best treatment fot Psoarisis?

I know someone that had psoriasis and they tried sunbeds
and steroid cream this help a bit
then they go to a dietician and cut out dairy and chicken and for them it cleared up completely
so you have to treat form the inside out and go and get a allergy testing and exclude foods that might be the root cause for you
my husband reckon the sun is best - he even uses sun beds surrounded by the winter, thinks it keep it at bay, and I own to say, it is much better surrounded by the summer, and everything else is the same, so he must be right...
for an alternative you could try looking on here


Hope this intertwine may help you.
My brother within law have all over psoriasis and have been prescribed Methotrexate for former times three years, this has help tremendously.
coal tar
I would suggest a homoeopath. Sun to be sure helps. Do take care of alternative treatments that suppress symptoms without tackle the cause.
A worthy site is Psoriasis Hall of PShame which lists the dodgier suggestions and the outright quacks.
Reflexology might also minister to.
Good luck with your rummage through for a cure.
This site has really moral info on diet,vitains,creams">alternatives,diet,vitains,crea... etc. Please type in Psoriasis for adjectives results.
They mention change of diet might e polite, eg sufferers cannot digest gluten in wheat & also " One premise about the underlying inflict of psoriasis is that the body cannot metabolise saturated fat from meat products properly. Sufferers have also be found to be lacking surrounded by both vitamin A and zinc."
Also is very earth-shattering what products is is used to wash & consideration for skin, to use natural, non-abrasive products.(perhaps check out the MAlki Dead Sea length at Boots, they have a shampoo/conditioner, facial mop up & soap, shower gel etc.
For a moisturizer, they recommned aloe vera, not only did it reorganize symptoms in trilas, it also the effects be lasting (see later link).
hope this is of some help
my hubby have this very unsuccessfully and what worked for him was vitamins

a right Miltie and e and d and c and some others but you have to mind of what ones u take the ones that work best are made surrounded by a cold process because just similar to food vitamins lose stuff when heated

My son in ruling use some thing call udos choice again it is a supplement this one is an oil but it is an grease that the body needs

and I hear that laser treatment helps but that wishes to be done in the first couple of months

My Hubby and I give attention to that it is a vitamin deficiency contained by the people that we know vitamins help them all

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