I would resembling contact near others that own FM/CFIDS/RLS/IBS and adjectives side effects for several years..?

I have have FM/CFIDS/RLS/IBS auto-immune issues and side effects for 16 years. I either want to bind an older group or to start a group near others that have have these same auto-immune illnesses for several years; to share and support.

Goodness, you have suffered for copious years. Check out the link below to swot up about a powerful immune modulator that have helped countless others.

I will you well and hope you start to feel better soon.
Hi you can create a yahoo group,I am also interested contained by the same issues.Yahoo groups are free and unforced to start up.You can also search for existing auto-immune related groups on the group hunt main page.Go to yahoo.com and click on groups for more info.
I know how it feel to live with a Chronic vigour condition,feel free to contact me via email.

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