I requirement detail on vicodin harm?

I needs some actual facts and numbers, similar to how much can really do damage to your liver or can put to death you. How little you have to use to in truth hurt or kill yourself. How it doesn't issue if you only use it for a little, cause it'll still hurt you surrounded by big doses... Trying to talk to my friend something like drugs is like have a debate... I dont wanna confront her unless I have some legitimate facts and numbers




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< and hitting search u can find the answers. this agency u can find anything u want to debate with her/him in the region of in refrence to the problem, btw word of suggestion mostly ppl who don't want help, can be rude, and claim at hand is no problem.you can only assistance the ones that want help.but sometimes, by steadily stating the effects and information , when they want to talk give or take a few it might help.if they will just tune u out.i have a drinking problem it took many years and friends . untill i recognize it and i hate adjectives the ppl who mention it. if they are addicted and not willing u can of late give facts and be in attendance for them. also mention it to their family .cuz if they shut u out. here might still be hope they won't their family. well brought-up luck and i hope it goes okay for you.>
Just off the top of my commander I'd have to utter the liver processes the medicine after you body feel you are of no more need of it. So while it breaks it down it raise the liver enzyme level within your blood [(http://www.liverdisease.com/liverenzymes... info on liver damage]. Most of the damage is not done by the hydrocodone (vicodin), but the acetaminophen (Tylenol). Regular doses of acetaminophen rationale liver damage. Typical Rx's of vicodin are 5/500 which is 5 milligrams of hydrocodone and 500 mg of acetaminophen. Vicodin isn't adjectives it's cracked up to be, most ppl think it help but it really depends on what your ailment is.
4 grams of tylenol a day is ample to begin detrimental the liver. vicodin has 500mg per tablet so 8 tablets a sunshine is enough to grounds liver damage. tylenol is the most important ingredient in vicodin that will really mess up the body physically. the hydrocodone one an opiate will cause physical dependance and contained by that the person is going to steal more and more to get the euphoric fear they are searching for which also increases the amount of tylenol. hope this help some. good luck next to yoour friend.
Vicodin is one of the most mis-used drugs on the market & shame on the Doctors who with pleasure prescribe it. Yes it can cause serious problems to the kidneys * liver. You must never, never mix it next to any kind of alcohol. The communation of the drug & booze effects the brain when you tiniest expect it. It makes the personage act unusual & do strange things they would not normally do. It exceedingly addicting and should be only used underneath Doctors orders. Good Luck
Hi, if you own a very throbbing medical condition, the take the vicodin but ask your Doctore almost it and what doses you should take it contained by. It is a addictive drug. If you have you be in motion on it long term, they conceivably you could lay off year, then be in motion back one. One sunshine on/one day bad. You might be able to avoid tolerance that mode. As far ad the elevated doses, that's scary me. Are you thinking nearly killing yourself? Is that why you're wondering how much to use?
If so, please see a consultant. I know tha amount to take contained by order
for annihilation to occur, but surrounded by all pious conscious, I can't tell you that.
Lastly, you could clutch 1 viocin in any strength every 4 6 hours and it wouldn't hurt you unless you're allergic. Vicodin contains acetaminophen and at big doses could wreak havoc on your
liver. But you can request at a pharmacy, that you just want
pure vicodin and they will extend it without the acetamenaphen.
Hope this help. And please don't experiement with lofty doses of this drug it's easy to overdose, especially when you drink alcohol near it. Good luck.
dear VICODIN;I WAS HOOKED on every pill in the book ,pls bear my advise! The opate contained by vicodin ,will keep you hooked ,but what you enjoy to watch out for is[acetaminophen ] I POISENED my self near Tylenol3 ,you can take codine for a hundred yrs but the acetominophen stays surrounded by the liver ,and is very easier said than done to get rid of The poison creeps up slowly ,.using each day the drug wears bad every few hours,so you take more and more until sooner or later you find out that you have toxic shock First you break out within a rash similar to chicken pox,you scratch and pick and sympathetic sores start to develop,your skin will be a mess you have to be long sleeves and you cant go into public swiming pools apply for job,it looks really bad Trust what IAM Telling you ,IFyou cant quit ! turn on methadone its good stuf f ,Good buzz too,contained by the programme you will meet lots of junkies the METH] will back you kik,IFypu need to consult you may write to me at XDRXXX@rogers.com Good Luck,my junkie friend I will try to help you if you want ,and i'm not gonna preach Need to chitchat ?contact me !your friend in confedence John xdrxxx@rogers.com

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