Suggest a best prescription for Jockitch(around 2 yers old)?

available in India.

It is from sweating and not getting ample air
it is a type of fungus

a inherent way to fix it try the following

valet twice a day

next to cool water
for one L of sea (4 cups)
put in 2 table spoons of vinegar
2 table spoon saline sea brackish is best

dry very correct

if possible catch sun light on the nouns
even through an open windowpane or at the very tiniest from a lamp at tiniest 20 Min's or longer

get as much nouns on the area as possible

after the 20 Min's use powder
corn starch is the best
this will relieve keep you dry
you may own to put the powder on more than once in a hours of daylight

they do have some anti-fungals at drug stores it change from country to country so just ask at the store except do the above it will help it will only take time

One item to watch

if the skin is broken within can also be a bacterial infection going on. We have germs all over our bodies and once the skin is broken the microbes can move in. so if it does not carry better you may need a special combination of creams to grasp rid of it. And they have to come from a Dr.
best cure is lamisil at wal mart..
if here was a better inbred cure i would use it..

available very okay at wal mart..

use as directed for 7-10 days and it will be gone..
Isopropyl alcohol will kill the yeast. It will burn, but it will snuff out the yeast. It works on feet too. Keep verbs and dry. Use powder to keep dry. If alcohol is not availablein India, afterwards use vinegar to kill the fungus.

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