i want to be an RN, how long does it bear? and what should i do to prepare myself for it?

i am already a CNA, what other steps should i take to bring about being a RN?

Well, it depends if you want to turn on for your associate degree of nursing (ADN) or your bachelor's level of nursing (BSN). the ADN program is offered at many tech school (and can have long-drawn-out waiting lists), and it is a 2 year program. the BSN program is offered at a university and is a 4 year program. The difference between the 2 is that you can work in more places next to a BSN. you will be able to do hospitals, nursing homes etc next to both. but you will not be able to work as a conservatory nurse with a ADN. It purely depends on what you want to do. I have my ADN and my best friend have her BSN. there isn't a reward difference (at least surrounded by WI). There is more room for advancement with your BSN.
My suggestion for you would be to want what degree you want first, later find a college that can offer that to you. You are going to own to take some gen eds first (chemistry, algebra). So if you are on a waiting register, get them out of the course while you are waiting, that way when you can seize into the program, all you will enjoy to take is the core nursing classes and afterwards you can solely focus on those. It might take you longer than 2/4 years to complete only just because of the high emergency right now contained by nursing schools. There are a great deal of students that are going into that filed of expertise.
I am surrounded by the middle of a career progress right now. I am going on to further my instruction in respiratory attention to detail. when i am done (in 2 years) i will have an associate scope as a respiratory care practitioner. so if you don't want to keep on on a wait enumerate, there are other avenues that you can pursue contained by the mean time. also physical analysis assistant is in lofty demand (around here) very soon too. Good luck, and best wishes to you, and congrats on continuning your education.
Here contained by Florida 2 years and 4 years it all depend on your speciality
you will want to look into the colleges you want to attend and then speak beside with guidance counselors. i would have an idea that that your CNA training and skills will be credited to the coursework you will need to get hold of your RN. my niece is a CNA and is also going to pursue a career as an RN.
In Oklahoma it probably take 2 yrs or so maybe smaller quantity. You should just read up on RN and acquire lots of RN books like at a book store. I am not even a CNA nonetheless (will be next summer/fall) and i am already alot smarter later my mom and my mom is a RN. Plus im only 15!! I merely did the objectives in this nursing book.

Good luck!!
It depends on where on earth you go to institution at. Some places offer 2 or 4 year RN degree. Don't let it mislead you, you will enjoy least 1-2 years worth of prerequisites to do past you can be enroll in a RN program. Apply for a program while you are taking your perquisite many colleges enjoy waiting lists.
Little as 1 years if you own a LPN, 2 if you need other classes plus the generals,

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