Is in that anything to sustain me sleep, which isn't addictive or doesn't hold side effects. I'm feed up tosssing

around in bed and getting bedsores and cranium sores. My eyes feel itchy, and dry. And i get the impression like crap.

Get your **** out of bed and do some mild exercises ,it releases chemicals which are supposed to aid restful sleep.Don't exercise to close to to the time you want to go to bed because it can own a reverse action.As for reaction shitty go see your doc
Bed sores? Head sores? You would hold to be confined to your bed and unable to verbs your own to get those. So don't be so dramatic. If you hold tried 25-50 mgs. of Benedryl and that didn't work for you, then cooperate to your doctor. Trazodone is not addictive and is used a lot for sleep.
I embezzle Tylenol PM and it helps me fall over asleep and stay asleep. I don't feel groggy at adjectives the next year. It usually takes at smallest an hour to kick contained by.
Passion Flower herb and 5-HTP from your health food store. I own used them one at a time. Don't know about using them together, perchance it would be even more effective.
Try fresh Spanish onion....I don't know what it does or how it does it, but it indubitably, chop up some fresh oinion and add to your evening breakfast time....see what happens
in that are various herbal sleeping aids on the open market which may or may not help. but hold you tried cutting out caffeine and stimulants? alcohol also affects sleep if taken surrounded by excess. maybe you own something that is stressing you that is to say affecting your sleep pattern? i other found kneipp herbal baths fantastic when i had sleeping problems. sometimes in reality fell asleep in the tub!
A sound mechanism works for me. I got one for Christmas and wasn't so sure going on for it. But the sounds of the waves or the stream really help out to put me to sleep. It's worth a shot!
smack yourself on the head near a mallet not addictive !
Go to your local form food shop and ask about remedies to support with insomnia. There are a variety of herbal remedies you can take that are not dangerous and non habit forming provided you follow the dosage instructions on the bottle. Try adjectives down on tea/coffee as they do make you twitchy and restless at hours of darkness - after a lot of tea you can enjoy an itching sensation which is quite unpleasant.
If it's anxiety that's cause it, you'll have to buy and sell with doesn`t matter what is bothering you. Good Luck!
try some Melatonin it a natural sleep supplement which assist to promote sleep at you local drug store try visine for your eyes
Check out this website for alternative sleep cures - some of them worked for me.
lavender put a lavender pouch on ur pillow with a heat waterbottle on top . spray lavender allround ur bedroom. lavender is the cure. honest to god
Try taking Vitamin B complex, B 12 (sublingial) and folic acid surrounded by the morning.

At bedtime take 800 mg calcium, 400 mg magnesium, 99 mg potassium and vitamin D help if you can't sleep because you are achy

melatonin if your mind is racing on like mad of things

Drinking chamomile tea or passion flower if it is your nerves call for calmed
Warm milk or Hot chocolate works for some people

Valerian root is virtuous if nothing else works or you entail something stronger.
tylenol pm.. the only society who get bedsores are society who cannot get out of bed.. approaching old folks in nursing homes.
Use a short time Radox sleep spray on your pillow before you travel to sleep & never go to sleep on an vacant tummy, but don't over do it, eating too much previously bed may give you tummy cramps.A hot tub with a touch moisturiser before mitt should help & gross you feel smaller quantity sore.Try used tea bags on your eyes, they'll work wonders. xxx
Sedonium over the counter at Boots, contains hops and valerarian.
Insomnia is horrible and I sympathize near you.

Most meds do have some side effects, trazodone can resign from you groggy in the morning, others are addictive. Initially, the product is introduced into the souk as non-addictive then, oops a few months next new studies show that they are. Busy mind syndrome is difficult to control; however, here are methods to help you self hypnotize. If not busy mind, afterwards try exercising during the day - walk briskly or long walks.

There are herb that can make you groggy as all right, but talk to your doctor or naturopath since taking anything.

Be well.
try taking teas of basil chamomile and lavendar to herlp contentment you into sleep or you could take 1-3 mls of a passionflower/skullcap tincture diluted within a little hose. or if that doesnt work have a chafe and the take a bth near lavendar basil and rose essential oils to start you bad. hopes these can be of assistance.
Try meditating when you budge to bed. You can learn actualism meditation online free.
Try relaxation technique, or massage or hypnotherapy. They adjectives work!
sounds bad my friend, I use something call sleep now, its adjectives natural and it really works. I dont feel its available in the stores, i attain mine from my sleep pattern is very soon fixed and i dont feel crappy within the mornings like prescription drugs do to you. Try it its awesome. You can find it surrounded by the mood enhancer section.

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