i'm in the region of to win a liver biopsy to determine if i should move about thru treatment for hep c?

is there any alternative stuff that have definitely worked for hep c and is it covered by medical insurance?

i'm sorry to right to be heard that until now, at hand are no known cure for hepatitis C. the disease itself is not brutal, its just that it lead to liver cirrhosis and possibly liver failure. doing liver biopsy is relatively simple, they do it below the guidance of the ultrasound, they make administer you a local anesthetic so that the needle can be a bit less prickly. You are awake the whole time which unsophisticatedly means that the procedure is tolerable if not they'll make you sleep, right? You will have a feeling the prick of the needle, but i don't reckon that its that painful and it is over next to quickly, a bit under 30 minutes, even smaller number. so don't worry.
I've have two biopsys'. I don't want to scare you but They do it whale you are awake it does hurt. and I also took intron-A injections. they are rock-hard to take. I feel like I be dieing. They made me real sick.
i am sorry to hear that you enjoy hep c. my sister and i both have it. she go through the biopsy, and intrafuron etc.. tnow granted we both still have it, but we are at equal level near our liver enzymes. so i would see if your hep c is something that can be helped near diet, no drinking alchol and drug use etc... so unfortunately thats why they do the biopsy. did they try extensive blood work??
ultraviolet blood irradiation works resourcefully it was invented surrounded by Russia around the 1940 is a simple procedure where they cart about 250 mg of you re blood and run it through an ultraviolet hurricane lantern then put it put money on in you re body the process have to be done several times . unfortunately is not cover by insurance but is cheaper than the drugs and have almost no side effects is about 80 dollars per psychiatric therapy and i herd that finding doctors that know and make out this is hard but here a few ones in Florida .Please fathom out this is a short explication for a therapy that involves a technique process and equipment
There is NO "alternative stuff" that have definitely worked for hep c. NONE.
READ: http://nccam.nih.gov/health/hepatitisc/index.htm

"Ultraviolet irradiation" is gobbledygook quackery.
I have a correct friend who had Hepatitis C for years. He undergo some intensive interferon treatments several years back. The treatments made him immensely sicj at the time, but he had no choice. He say that he is now free from the Hepatitis C. You should ask some professionals in the order of the latest treatments available, IF you are found to own the disease.
You need a book call hepatitis c choices. It is the most concise info I have found.www.hepcchallenge.org Please remember doctors hold many try-out to determine how many liver cell a day are dieing. They enjoy none to determine how many spanking new cells you are generate.Do not focus on the disease.Concentrating on making your body as fit and health as possible surrounded by every way.Do not consent to doctors convince you there is no hope.According to my doctors I be suppose to be dead 7 years ago. I am living a jovial healthy middle-of-the-road life.I will verbs doing that for many years.Good luck,stay strong.

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