Does xanax show up surrounded by a drug exam?

I took a drug test for my probation and have some in my system. Would they be capable of tell the difference between xanax and kolonopin? That's the drug that they know that i am perscribed to hold. Will the Xanax even show up in the drug assessment?

YES IT DOES i was on it for 6 years and it showed up on every drug experiment i took for work but if you have a writing for it your cool.
yes it will show up and yes they will know the difference
You'll find out soon enough!
Yes, it will and they will know how to tell the difference because they're two different drugs.
it take 3 days for most drugs to get out of your system exept weed.
Xanax will show up contained by a drug test. Some drugs are red flagged especially if they are notably addictive like this one.
It depends on what gentle of drug test and what they are looking for when they theory test you . If they do a pee test if they are looking for perscription medicine in your system " witch surrounded by unlikley unless you have a history of using them" they can find it .If they use a tresses test i assume they can also find it that way.
It shows up as a benzodiazepine.

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