Allergic to penicillin & sulfa antibiotics--Is in that a out of danger alternative for sinus infection?

Horrible sinus pain/pressure worsening for 2 weeks. Allergic to penicillin and sulfa antibiotics (the only 2 I've used within past year). Is at hand a natural road to beat this? Or does anyone know of an antibiotic i.e. safe?

Erythromycin and chloramphenicol.

But as a rule: SEE A DOCTOR. It might be a bacterial infection, but it also might be viral or fungal. You need test to make sure.
Pretty smooth.

Other appropriate antibiotics include azithromycin, Vantin, Clindamycin.

Talk with your doctor.
There are unconscious ways to help a sinus infection, one is Olive palm leaf extract it's a natural antibotic another is grease of oregano it's VERY good for bloodshed "bad" bacteria, you can steal it straight or mix it in a drink. These two relief your body to fight bad the infection. Also taking a probiotic is great, it will increase the "good" bacteria contained by you and that also will help fray an infection.
Z-packs or Erythromycin.
Start with accupuncture and doesn`t matter what herbs the accupuncturist prescribes. works for me.

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