Can Jack Daniel's whiskey be a cough and sore throat remedy?

I have a discouraging sore throat and have hear that Jack Daniel's whiskey can be a good remedy.

It's call a hot toddy, tea, honey, and good older Jack. My Daddy used to swear by it , may he rest in peace. sure can. My Daddy head straight to the liquor store everytime he get sick and buys a bottle of Jack or Jim Beam..
true but merely do like 2 shots worth
A shot of whiskey a light of day keeps the doctor away
heck yeah, drink up. it knock the cold right out of ya to.
In a perfect world it could work. The Alcohol content would exterminate the germs, there is the analgesic property that would soothe the affliction. Go for it!
My grandmother uses it to make her own cough syrup. It works pretty economically.
Add honey and lemon to a shot with some thaw out water...Old country remedy...any whiskey or burbon will do not in recent times Jack. Hope you feel better.
If your throat is already sore, step ahead and down some alcohol, and write again, and tell me how much better you discern .
Where I'm from those are called Hot Totties. What you can do it wipe lemons cut them up and bring to a boil and drink that. You can add honey or peppermint to chew . You dont have to donate the liquor for the sore throat the heat should oblige soothe the throat. If it persists more than 2-3 days see your Dr
In a pinch, yes it'll work. But the stuff made specifically for it works better.
it is the alcohol. it deaden the throat cels which makes it to where on earth you can't feel the soarness, and alcohol is also a depressant, which help to sleep. what alotof people do is mix somewhat whiskey, a little honey and somewhat lemon, and take that for a sore throat. the lemon attacks germs that may be there, and the honey sooths the throat, and whiskey does the above. a changeability of this is to add a touch water, and fry it up. i have hear both called hot toddy. i ruminate the heat is also soothing to the throat. hope this help
yup, you drink it and as soon as you stop gaging and coughing you are cured!.
Absolutely!! It contains Alcohol (of course) Alcohol kills germs! The defence why beer is not that good at it is because its a much lower alcohol content. I would lone take a shot or two though! Too much alcohol can in fact make it worse impose it weakens your immune system!
Jack Daniels or Rum. Just make a payment some honey and some lime or lemon if you have it.
100 proof peppermint schnapps is better! (Put surrounded by the freezer first)
I suggest some better home remedies. Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection . Gargling with thaw salty marine or mouthwash can reduce the spasm and inconvenience. More details and home remedies available at

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