What's a moral sleep aid med? Over the counter?

Over the counter one that will knock you out.

Melatonin is really great like said above...
I clutch it with valerian root - You will go past out and sleep all darkness long
Guinness pure genius
I use Benadryl 25mg you find sleepy in more or less a half hour, otherwise Melatonin works too, but not as much for me anyways.
six stiff drinks beside beer chasers.
melatonin. Will knock you out and its all instinctive
I use Simply Sleep. Works wonders!
Hehe, what for?
OTC and herbal sleep aids:

Benedryl (diphenhydramine) - the ingedient in simply sleep and other sleep aids. Other elder antihistamines can also work.

Melatonin - better for restoring sleep patterns, approaching with squirt lag.

Chamomile - apt as a tea, but I'd avoid if you have a ragweed allergy.

Valerian - mostly soporific effects, but can help sleep if anxiety is keeping you awake.

There are copious other herbal products that have be suggested, but their safety and value are not well proven.
melatonin works great

be aware that Valerian root could possible hurt your liver

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