Spirulina the hot wonder?

I purchased some from my local health store as it is supposed to be the unusual wonder, packed beside nutrients etc., but I don't know what to put it in any recipies

Nothing brand new about. My mother lives surrounded by Belgium. She introduced me to it in 1982!

She used to buy it surrounded by Holland. But obviously it sounds better self a 'new' wonder!
Health food stores - i avoid them thsese days ... most of them have sold out to supply what the consumer demands.
My local 'health' store sell childrens' vitamins with hydrogenated fat in it, you know.
And on the Spirulina, tried it, didn't do much at the time. never go back to it.
if you bought the powder form the best entity is to just mix next to water and drink....yep, i know the smell is approaching the bottom of a lake, but close the eyes to this and think of the amazing robustness benefits
Mix equal parts parmesan cheese and Spirulina and sprinkle it over popcorn. This taste fantastic.

You can also make one teaspoon in dampen or juice and drink.
i put mine within orange liquid. also try wheat grass!
Stir it into pasta dishes. Stir it into vegetable juice.
Oh god, more detox. This is a current and useless form myth.You are right to appear sceptical. The huge and lucrative detox industry is just another bit of useless hype. Nope, it doesn't do anything.

In the few weeks I hold been answering 'Health Answers' I hold had my eyes really open. I had no impression that such a high percentage of the population are so romantic as to believe in the myths, potty government grant medicines,wrong drugs,illegally purchased prescription solely drugs, charlatans and just plain crooks, purporting or pretending that they can fix them.
incorporate it to a fruit smoothie and drink it when you get up surrounded by the morning.itll really give you an joie de vivre boost.
i tried it in my breakfast smoothie. it taste like drinking chocolate to me and make me crave sweets. can't see any benefits

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