Is it possiable to recuperate from a massive stroke?

In Aug. of 2005 my Dad had a massive stroke. He wants to be feed through a feed tube and sometimes by hand sometimes he can drink his coffee by himself but it take a long time. It is easier to hand nurture him and supplement with insure through the feed tube. He has a urine pack and wears diapers,he wear hospital gowns and he is paralized on the left side. He is blind within his left eye and deaf contained by his left ear. My brother and sister surrounded by law are taking attention to detail of Dad at home so he is always verbs and no bedsores. He can talk but associates who don't know him can't always grasp what he is saying.Dad will be 90 years antiquated in March. I love my Dad incredibly much. I want him to get better or basically go home to be beside the Lord. Dad is a good man. Could he be slack on because he knows how much his three children ( we are 60,58, and 56 years old)
love him? Could we be keeping him surrounded by the condition he is in?The visit Dr. tells us that Dad will never win better but then we own been told various times

My mother Fannie Bellie had a massive stroke Aug 29, 1999.
My wie and I care for her 6 years to the day Aug 29, 2005 when she died also age 90 -born 1915.

She also have feeding tube and could not parley. but could hear..
and love us and we her... she could not walk...bed bound...
but her three words she could right to be heard and everyone could hear--
I LOVE YOU> she blessed so many-she taught grade school 3rd-6th 38 years and concluded up with stroke and alzheimers...

She skilled Sunday School over 54 years...

She only know me in the concluding year...It didn't matter--she loved everyone..

She taught me how to live--and how to die...

I would not help yourself to one second from her...but would gladly own given her all my days if she could enjoy enjoyed them..

God woked miracles thru her and we adjectives are still blessed from her.

no matter how severe your Father is--Someone is loving him and because they are helping him today--they will be stronger-
far better individuals tomorrow...

When he is gone--Then they is really know--how much he expected to them..

I retired at 55 to care for mother-------------I don't regret it one second- but I would hold retired earlier have I known....that we have just 6 years and 6 years of sickness not form left..

living requirements living...

No-Father will not recover---
But the next existence is the greatest....
But while he is here....share every second you can...
take every picture you can...
ask every put somebody through the mill..
about anything you can...
Those answer will soon be silent...
My uncle have had a stroke. Nowehere hard by the severity of your Fathers, though. He still has a unflawed memory, and intellect, but his speech is severely affected, and he have trouble with movement of his gone hand limb. That was 3 years ago very soon. My Uncle's brain appeared to spread the load of the worn out area, and after roughly a year, quite a few of his faculty had recovered comparatively significantly. Unfortunately he is still a shadow of his former self, but recovery while slow and steady will go off. I apologise that this does not specifically answer your question, but I hold no doubt that it is possible to recuperate quite significantly even from a situation close to yours. My sincerest sympathies with high regard to your predicament. I hope he makes a strides toward a full repossession soon. All The Best
First, I am so sorry you Dad had a stroke. At his age it is unlikely he will bring any better then he is right immediately.And no your not a bad daughter, you are a heart broken daughter, it doesn't situation how old you are you never want to lose your Dad. I would say aloud he is a lucky man to have such great kids predisposed to care for him and too construct his last days as apt as they can be. He needs to know his children will be ok after he's gone,. So I suggest you notify him everything you need to influence to him,and let him know you will be alright. Trust me, I've walk your path and it is the hardest article you will ever do. May God bless you and your family, you will be contained by my thoughts and prayers.
I have well-educated from TV documentaries, Books and even here at Yahoo Answer that Brain it's still a mystery to doctors and scientists. While there are some relatives whom being can live an almost watertight life near part of the brain man removed, there are some, whom can't. I enjoy also heard that most of population, use a small percentage of the brain functions, therefore, some ethnic group can live well after a stroke, brain surgery or even section of the brain removed, because others areas of the brain can adapt or swot again how to execute those functions, in a current sector. Another curious thing I hold learned too is that a character whom had a beneficiary of the body amputate can still feel agony after years in a arm for example, that be already amputated. They can still feel spasm, in a arm they don't hold it anymore.
The brain, seems to style to a new genuineness with the pass by of the time.
Well first off I will convey a prayer for your father. Unfortunately, the general rule of thumb is that what a lenient recovers surrounded by the first 3-6 months will be the extent of recovery. I hold seen associates that have be though to be vegetables after a stroke recuperate 12-18 months continuously and are still working at the shop at 90+ years old. These are sporadic occurances though. Your father hanging on my be his course of letting your family know how much he loves your and how much he wishes to be there. I hope that your adjectives are not overwelled by providing care to him but I know that he appreciates it. I hope him the best and that he pulls through as one of the minority.
I go through this same basic item with my grandmother 2 years ago. We kept her at home and care for her with the aid of a hospice nurse for a long time (~7months). I do not reckon you are a bad entity for wishing that your Dad be not suffering. Anyone who has be through watching someone suffer for such a long time could not honestly say that the thought that they would a moment ago "go to a better place" does not cross their mind. I believe this is inbred and very adjectives. My grandmother was in fact the 2nd one (my grandfather for over 3 years with sever Huntington's disease) surrounded by my family that I have a related experience with. Both times I found myself beside those same thoughts. I even thought myself a bad party for it at first, but then put myself surrounded by their place. I wouldn't want my family to see me approaching that.

I do think it is possible to strive to stay alive and prolong your enthusiasm by sheer will if you believe that your family is relying on you - or contained by hopes of getting better. The hit and miss of recovery is immensely slim in your situation, but miracles do come about. I don't know if this is your fathers travel case or not. It's a lot easier to combat death than it is to kind death come formerly its time (in natural ways). I know this a unyielding time for you and your family and my heart go out to you.

I'll be keeping you, your siblings, and your father in my thoughts. *hugs* I hope you return with through this... I know it is very trying for everyone involved.
probably not at his age, even at younger age it take alot of hard work and rehabilitation, but even consequently most people do not get better 100% good luck, and no you are not a doomed to failure daughter for not wanting your dad to suffer, a bad daughter would not effort.
Absolutely!! Teddy Bruschi of the New England Patriots had a pretty unpromising stroke! But he's still playing football!
Homeopathic treatment for Left-sided paralysis :

GELSEMIUM 200X and CADMIUM SULPH 200X together once daily along next to these Cell Salts :- SILICEA 6X + MAG PHOS 6X + KALI PHOS 6X + CALC PHOS 6X, together three times a day partially hour before meal, will gradually clear your father recover from his moved out sided paralysis after his stroke. Considering his age the progress maybe a bit slow but these would definately brand name a very obedient difference in his conditions. Keep me posted nearly his progress after giving him these remedies for three days regularly, if you decide to hand over him the above prescription. Feel free to email me if you need to discuss or ask anything.
Avoid Mints, Coffe, Chocolates, Red Meat and Carbonated Drinks while taking Homeopathic Remedies.

Take Care and God Bless you, your household and loved ones.

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