My drug question paper results ( showing benzodiazipan) be sent to a lab that voice I show positive for oxazepam (serax).

I have never hear of serax until now. They sent it to a special lab to own some sort of gas test perform on it & broke down the benzodiazipan to oxazepam (serax specifically). Never heard or taken anything call that & the company closed the door on me. Very upset & lost! Never been accuse of drugs before. They won't even retest. I enjoy no way of proving why serax would show up contained by my test. What do you do subsequent?

serax is newer drug for a wide extent of symptoms relating to depression. did your dr possibly give you sample that you may have forgot in the region of? ask your dr about this drug and how it may own gotten in your system. possibly have your dr do a retest (the other lab may enjoy mixed your sample next to someone elses.) if this is the case I don`t know the fair labor board could aid you with this, or your dr. could steer you within the right direction
Smoke a bowl. You failed already anyway, so what the heck?
Check out these 2 websites:

I hope this help you. If find out that you are taking a drug that can contribute to a positive drug test, adjectives you need is a epistle from your doctor.
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