Do you reckon the goverment have secretive cures?

for dieseases but wont mention them due to making money for treatments,sometimes i think we hold a cure for dieseases but the cia or gov. just want that money and with the sole purpose cares for at hand well one...what do you think

Answer:    H-ll yes! Of course they do. Here's what I grasp stuck on: our failure to come up near a cure or vaccine for the common cold. U.S. modern medication is so far advanced that doctors and surgeons can; replace a failing heart with a powered heart, remove tumors in the brain, replace failing joint and ligaments with prosthetic or animal joint, kill or prevent abiding cancers, successfully separate conjoined twins, restore audible range and eyesight. It's amazing!

However, we just can't seem to be to figure out how to agreement with rhinoviruses. Why? Because look how much money these companies would lose if respectively American adult didn't own 2-4 colds per year. (Mind you, this data solely represents 12 weeks worth of sales during the birth of cold and flu season in 2004)

Top 10 drug focus gainers in cough-cold (sales term, 12-weeks ending Dec. 28)

Brand Category $ Sales contained by millions

1 Claritin D cold/allergy tablets $13.2
2 Children's Tylenol Plus cold/allergy liquids 8.8
3 Mucinex cold/allergy tablets 7.5
4 Claritin cold/allergy tablets 12.1
5 Theraflu cold/allergy tablets 13.0
6 Primatene Mist nasal spray 6.8
7 Vicks NyQuil cold/allergy liquid 17.2
8 Delsym cough syrup 8.3
9 Robitussin DM cough syrup 13.6
10 Halls cough/sore throat lozenge 14.0

Sick and disgusting, if you ask me.
I think your paranoid Yeh Bill Clinton get caught using his cure for his erection problems.
i wish they would manufacture them public, so we can be cured.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++... Welcome to Corporate World, Love! But there's no "secret" to cures for what's out there today, or yesterday, or tomorrow, for that concern...there's only individuals with brains & nation with brains that use them.

You see, surrounded by evolution process, the food & medicines are within place before the creature procedes...lately the way of it. Now, our human guidance wonders may come up with concoctions of adjectives sorts in their own evolutionary designs, but pious ol' Mom Nature has something for anything & everything created of Her...She Is the supreme top of the "food chain" so to speak, & rules herself capably in spite of human lice running amok.

Your on track, however, with heaps thousands of years old ease being devasted by corporate industries, next to governmental assist, in support of that which is solitary a few hundred yrs. old...heaps of our greatest healers have their websites tracked constantly looking to put them into judicial hold-outs, their publications squashed, and their lives contained by danger other...if we were again skilful of taking care of ourselves using free or near-free ingredients & adjectives sense, imagine the businesses & medical "practices" that would travel down the tubes...economies that would hold to be entire human mgmt. system that would crumble...ooooh, the chaos of it! (LOL)

Thankfully, in attendance are always going to be those "in-the-know", and the numbers of them are growing intensely...folks of late disgusted by insurance scamming, health meticulousness costs, & the whole medical menagerie...Blessed be to them adjectives!

Want to catch some great come-on sense rant? Check out lady next to serious brains & huge heart...good start to doing your own research.

Good Journey!
Yes, I know they do and they do not want us to know because doctors and dentists would loose plentifully of money. I know it sounds paranoid, but its true.
I have almost be killed by a doctor and a dentist, both because of negligence and they are massively protected with their liability insurance. all right I've got into a bit of Family History not long and I think those average age expectancies are a nouns of c**p! Alot of babies died in their first years , yes, but probably mostly due to poor housing, nutrition of mothers and collectively bad conditions. Loads of folks lived all right beyond 60 yrs, check it out for yourself.
I wouldn't be surprised if expensive cures were held vertebrae to save NHS funding , purely as certain drugs are out in attendance as cures but not available to the majority . One being the recent drug bought out for alzheimers, but too expensive to allow .
Yes, at hand are natural cures for masses ailments, given to us by mother earth. How can so abundant people be so unconscious and think that we as human beings are more knowledgeable of creating medicine than the land that we evolved from. Modern medicine is of late a giant joke, the solitary purpose it serves is to pretend to create beneficial medicines, that after 10 years we "discover" cause all sorts of side effects and have killed thousands along the passageway. Anybody who has studied economics should construe that for an economy to flourish, in that must be systems in place to control them. This money that the governments hold secrets for the sake of their society, and just when a society is on the verge of discovering a truth, are the government anxious to make a medical breakthrough. What family should understand is that its adjectives about money and timing, cause as much money for as long as possible, avoid retaliation by society by controlling what they know, and when they are smart enough to amount it out, beat them to it, announce a cure and take home some more money. People who can't understand the terrifically simple logic of this, are the people that become the government guinea pigs. Go to YouTube and search "In Lies We Trust" you'll find your answer in attendance.
It's pretty silly. How does the government profit from disease? If homeopathy etc. are cures later it's the alternative medicine industry to be precise choosing to keep the evidence buried.

There is nothing to stop alt-med coming out and explaining surrounded by sensible terms how homeopathy works, and showing the trials that prove it works.
Conspiracy theorists fuse!

Especially the one who thinks that the political affairs is actively destroying cures that we have somehow specified about for thousands of years. I guess that she forgets that the go expectancy up until the development of modern science be around 40. What is it today?

Bad science. Bad, bad, mischievous science [shakes finger and slaps]. How dare you help ancestors. You should be ashamed.

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