High Cholesterol / Triglycerides treatment w/out statins?

Does anyone know of a Dr. in Houston that doesn't use Statin Drugs for high-ranking cholesterol and high triglycerides? I am taking TWO statins and want to find off of at smallest one, if not both of them. I would approaching to find someone with experience contained by doing this treatment.


There are many steps that you can steal to lower your cholesterol naturally.

Are you watching your diet? In incorporation to switching over to a low fat diet you should also be watching your sugar intake. Many individuals when doing low fat hold a tendency to hit the notably sugared foods and this too can cause level to go sophisticated.

Oatmeal - oatmeal is excellent in helping to lower cholesterol. However, you entail to eat it recurrently (daily) and it needs to be the unflavored type and the flavored ones usually own added fat.

Soy products. Soy sterols own been proven to lower cholesterol level. You can drink low fat soy milk and yogurts, which will give support to. I take Cholesterblock which is made from soy sterols which have helped me walk down to normal cholesterol level after a few high blood test. You might want to check it out. You also get a home tester so you can see how flabby your levels hold dropped and it has a really dutiful money back guarantee.

If you resembling tofu, try adding more into your diet.

How are your HDL level? If these are low you need to try and procure them higher near exercise. Even if you add a small amount of exercise into your lifestyle you should see a difference.

Although it's soluble fiber that help whisk cholesterol out of your body (oatmeal) you should also be sure that you are eating satisfactory insoluble fiber from veggies and green salads as they help hang on to you regular and helps move the cholesterol out of your colon.

Remember that cholesterol level don't come down over night. They can commonly take 3-6 months to see a significant difference.

In the grocery store look surrounded by the butter area for modern spreads that use soy to lower levels. It will say aloud so right on the package. You can also look for products through out the store that hold the Best Life Diet seal of approval. These are low within fat and are heart nourishing.

Learn to check food labels for unknown fat. Many products that you never suspect podgy are very large. Even the products that now are contained by 100 calorie packs may be large, you just capture smaller sizes.

It will take some work but you can bring your levels down.
My level were really soaring and they came down to a fantastic stratum with diet (vegetarian) and a product call Cholest-free, which is a red rice yeast. It has brought my cholesterol down below 200 and my triglycerides to the low normal selection. They were adjectives high...opening high. You might try varying diet if you could handle lacto-vegetarian, it worked wonders. Soy milk helped seriously.
One of my relatives and his wife (I think she's a nurse) claims fish grease and garlic help.
You can try that, a diet decline in cholesterol and fat, an increase in fiber, and day after day aerobic exercise. A nutrition expert can tailor make a diet plan for you involving any needed supplements and exercise plans.
Cinnamon lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, as ably as normalizing blood sugar.

Studies conducted by the Department of Agriculture used one, two or six grams of cinnamon. It's a thing of experimentation to discover how much an individual might need.

Good luck and be resourcefully.

Hi, my husband recently come off the statin drugs due to an alternative we bought from a company call Melaleuca. He feels great and is so obliged.
High triglycerides are mainly because of desperate nutrition. You need to conversion your old ingestion habits little by little. Eat lots of grapefruits contained by the morning as well as apples. Find an hobby that you would enjoy doing that requires cardiovascular exercise. You've get a lot of apt advise from other population here like consumption a vegetarian diet, fish oil,niacin,and lots of garlic. By the way, if I be you I would get of those two statins IMMEDIATELY since they are single hiding your problem and not taking care of it. Also, you might want to ask your doctor roughly speaking the high risks by the style of what happens to your liver when youre taking these medication. Hopefully you wont be back asking your Dr. for other liver medication in the adjectives. Good luck!!
Homeopathic Treatment for Curing and to Lower High Cholesterol Levels: -


Three Drops Each in a sip of dampen half hour formerly meals thrice a year always bear them on an empty stomach. And avoid Chocolates Coffee Mints and Red Meat while you are taking any Homeopathic remedy.

Take charge and God Bless!
Blueberries lower your cholesterol
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