Does Palo Azul work?

Has anyone tried drinking this tea to pass a urinalysis (drug test). If so did it work?

Answer:    yes my husband have been taking it for close to 3 years and its been working ever since . what i do i soak the palo azul 3 days formerly the urinal test, i soak it for a integral day for example if he have the urinal on thursday then on monday i soak the palo azul close to in the morning within one gallon of water and check out of it there adjectives day adjectives night till the subsequent day within the morning which would be on tuesday and then adjectives tuesday he will drink the whole gallon adjectives day and some hose with it too. ur suppose to drink it 2 days prior to ur urinal check.. well later after tuesday try drinkin mostly water but no brown coke in consequently thursday u take the urinal exam and ur ready to walk!

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