Does anyone out nearby nick Juice Plus+, comes surrounded by tablet form, one bottle veg., one fruit, one nuts/berries ?

You take one of ea twice a year. Do you believe in this product?

Answer:    Go to this page and read what ethnic group are saying just about this product and company. Not very pretty:
I enjoy taken Juice Plus for 7 years now and believe full hearted in this product. In the starting point, after taking the product for 3 months, I stoped taking it for a week and noticed a loose change in how I feel and in my bowel movements. I started it hindmost on a regular basis and in a few days everything was put money on to normal. I recommend this product to adjectives my clients. I don't take the products but I did drop by Nutritional Tree to see if there be any reviews of the Juice Plus products (Nutritional Tree collects consumer comments of various products), in that is a link below to what I found. There are some interesting distrustful reviews for some of the products ...
Am I missing something?

I looked at the link that howlegh suggested and it looks similar to the only two complaints are:

1) Children not fondness the taste (hardly a surprise there) Although I wonder how do you morsel it, since you are meant to swallow the intact thing full.

2) The cost. Given that you can spread the payments over the months, this should not be an issue (funny how most people with satisfaction spend more per month on cable TV & KFC)

Nothing replaces fresh fruit and veggies but this certainly help to "tip the balance".

I eat a LOT of fruit & veggies but my doctor have suggested I also have Juiceplus as an extra boost. Not done so however, but may do in the adjectives.

Believe what? Pills are not a substitute for food, it even says so on the Juice Plus website. They variety no claims for the product.

Spend your money on fruits and veggies, not pills.
This is a product for is a multilevel marketing scam of the worst kind. It's deeply a multivitamin with a tiny amount of fruit/veg liquid powder sold at a gazillion-fold markup. The marketing of the product is also very misleading. All the experts (at smallest the ones that aren't trying to sell Juice Plus) utter that you should avoid it and take an widespread multivitamin instead (for about 1/30 the cost). Here are some sites next to reliable information on Juice Plus.
not only do i steal juice plus i am also a distributor. i started on liquid plus when i was working for a doc who practiced zilch but alternative medicine. i undamaged heartedly believe in this product

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