If I own dexterity salutary those,activeness close to health-giving,but not within category almanac. What should I put contained by?

I make a group for helping culture,with distance medicinal,but not reiki,pranic,kundalini,chi kung,or ecth. I ever done it,but I always rejecting because I 'm not one of them. Then what should I do?

god bless you and individuals like you !Healing minus medicine is obviously is a good article and one must do it for betterment of others !Why you are avoiding to do this and restricting to some ?Have a full flage but without any earn motive and apply with relating all that you might carry alright and may not !It all depends on beneficiary also !Not only healer is making obedient but unless the receiver is unawares how you can heal him !This distant medicinal is also possible by way of PRANIC HEALING !BUT BOTH GIVER AND RECEIVER SHOULD MAKE TIME AND FAITH FACTOR COMMON !START WITH A SMALL GROUP AND SLOWLY GO ON INCREASING !THIS IS WHY YOU ARE BORN !ITS A DIVINE WORK AND BELIEVE ME IT IA GOD WORK !DONT MAKE ANY PROPAGANDA AS YOU ARE LIKELY TO FAIL MANY TIME AS PEOPLE Wants RESULT SO SOON AND FAST AND IN THIS WORK NOTHING CAN BE DONE FAST !SO AT LAST DO NOT BECOME A DEPRESED !ALWAYS YouRsmE
You should really consider posting surrounded by Mental Health
I would suggest that you categorize it as Alternative Holistic Healing. This give you credence and also explains what you do. If you are going to create a website for it, make sure you hold testimonials.
Good thinking. But first you have to do some introspection. What form of alternative recuperative method would you like to administer on inhabitants?
Try direct healing - it is other better as you can see for yourself the effects of healing. Acupressure, magnet psychoanalysis, massage dream therapy, work best. I am an acupressure therapist myself and as such own healed most stubborn cases resembling sciatica, lumbar pain, cervical spondylosis, tartness, dyspepsia, and a lot more. Even multiple sclerosis.
I reflect, if you give it a thought, you will think through what I mean to communicate you.

All the very best contained by healing. And yes.. do back people within need.

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