Strengthening my lungs?

i was wondering if ther is a vitamin that woud relief my lungs and if so what food do i find it in?

I don't suggest that there is any lung-specific food, you want to put in the exercise.

Learning to play the harmonica or the trumpet help a lot. Doing some serious regular exercise help your heart and lungs.
exercise is best. something that puffs you out.
Deep breathing is the answer. Check out Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercises) on line.
My husband is an asmatic and have improved his lung function by taking up cycling. He also uses a lung trainer - you vitally blow into it against resistance. They are quite cheap and natural to buy on the internet. He keeps it within his bedside drawer and uses it each dark.
As someone with acute medical lung problems I can update you that the best thing is exercise. Start by doing simple things and working up to longer period of exercise. Exercise needn't be strenuous just 20 minutes a afternoon to help overall fitness and self esteem.
Vitamin e improve general condition of body skin , that taking it within adequate doses improve quality of inner facing of lungs.This helps contained by asthmatic conditions by controlling the stiffening of inner side of lungs while in an attack. Apart from that any stir that includes blowing is helpful within this condition.There is no specific food known for this purpose.

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