What is the best cure for Lyme disease.?

My wife has Lyme disease. And the antibiotics did not work as we be told. Her headaches are insufferable . They are constant no matter what we do. Can some one please proposal some alternative cures for Lyme disease?

Una De Gato (cats claw) and Sangre de Drago (also called dragons blood) both indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest are both person used to treat Lyme disease (obviously not in this country). Both own been studied for several therapeutic possibilities. for serious facts move about to Dr. Jim Dukes ethnobotanical website he is world renowned and well respected.
www.ars-grin.gov/duke/ . There are some treatments a doctor within CO is using for a couple I know who have suffered from LD for over 20 years. I will investigate if I come up next to anything helpful I will permit you know.
Anything else would be considered snake oil. If your wife have had Lyme disease for a while, it may lug stronger doses of antibiotics to rid her of it.

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