What is the best home remedy for chronic heartburn?

Chew 3 papaya enzymes before a meal/try aloe Vera juice/try apple cider vinegar.All available at vigour food stores for under $10.
For chronic heartburn, appropriate Prilosec OTC. It is a proton pump inhibitor that reduces the amount of sharp secreted by your stomach. Then mention that you take it to your doctor at your subsequent appointment.
baking soda -Antacid: heartburn with 1/2 teaspoon within a cup of water.
Cut your meal in 1/2 also don't put away grease or fat-ting foods it makes your stomach shift hay wire I promise lately do that and don't eat 4 hrs until that time bed and you will be all OK oh the first few days while your stomach is getting use to the unusual way of ingestion just embezzle some tums
Take an over the counter H2 blocker such as tagamet or zantac, or an over the counter PPI such as prilosec. Chronic heartburn should be evaluated by a doctor. It predisposes you to a condition called Barrett's esophagus, which predisposes you to esophageal cancer.

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