Will vicodin clear me tired?

Answer:    i have one and only taken it with agony and it knocked me right out, others who own taken it for 'fun' claims it gets them soaring.
If you have strain vicodin will help you sleep by taking the torment away. Many times vicodin keeps culture awake if you don't have backache. vicodin is considered to be a pain slayer and has potential of making someone tired. some ancestors it makes intensely hyper depending on what they are doing at the time the pain med peak
yes but first you will talk more Vicodin will formulate you become addicted as it is a narcotic, controlled substance and a street value drug to be avoided at adjectives costs...regardless of whether you have a prescription or not. If you help yourself to 1 or 2 vics, and stop taking them, you will feel run down and ponder you "still" need the vics, and thus the cycle begin. That is how fast you will become addicted
The first few times I took it for cramp it knocked me out cold. After that it didn't really do anything to me besides dull the anguish. hello dear,this is jai adwani
in simple word-YES,becoz-
it is a palliative,highily addictive the best that
a vicodin addict can do is detox.for this one can budge
for proffessional help or it could be done at home.
Vicodin can alter the style your mind and body normally process
information. This funds that even if you make the conclusion to stop
taking vicodin, your mind will tell you that you still obligation the drug,
because it thinks it wants the medication to function. This makes it
vastly difficult to come off vicodin lacking help, and specifically why a
controlled environment will become so crucial to de-addiction.
for more help,treatment methods you can pop in:-

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