Tea tree grease?

where can you purchase tea tree grease?

Tea Tree Oil is amazing stuff. It is like a first aid paraphernalia in a bottle.

You can take it at most health food stores.
Any Pharmacy or Drug store.
Boots and Superdrug enjoy it.
Any health food store.
Try a comeliness supply house. Tea tree oil is commonly used as a topical anesthetic by staple technicians.

You can also look at health food stores, and also larger grocery stores next to an expanded health & beauty/pharmacy department, similar to Walmart or Target.
it is in frequent health products
i own it in my weak spice pre shave wash
Vitamin stores hold it too, or maybe dollargeneral stores or walmart.
I would one and only buy it from a healthfood store. I've tried some from beauty supplies and drugstores and they be very poor talent diluted with mineral grease

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