Has anyone tried the stop smoking medication Chantix?

Does Chantix really work? Has anyone had any side effects of it?

I am currently taking chantix and it does bring a noticeable drop contained by your urge to smoke .. the only side effect ( a nice one ) is markedly vivid dreams. I would recommend Chantix if trying to quit. I have also used Zyban but surface Chantix is much better.... good luck
Oh my righteousness, this is by far the best thing my husband and I enjoy ever used. We have not smoked surrounded by 9 weeks!! We chose not to read the side effects as we felt it would set us up for damp squib, although at times we feel queasy. It help to eat prior to taking the med. My hubby smokes 2-3 pack a day and I be close to 2 packs a light of day. We both feel ever so much better. It is a heck of lot cheaper than buying cigarettes. We both strongly rouse anybody to start this wonder med. Good luck.
Chantix is an excellent way to quit smoking next to few side effects. For more Chantix information, click the following link: http://www.121doc.com/champix.html?a_aid...
Yes, Chantix really works. Chantix hold some side effects like nausea, but every lenient react differently.

If you want to know more information just about Chantix side effects, Chantix with other medicine, how to take Chantix, progress to the following link:

My boyfriend and I used it within May and we are now both nonsmokers since. It took him a bit longer consequently I to quit but he did! I had to bear the med with food or it really upset my stomach (although a vitamin upsets my stomach too) and the dreams be VERY interesting! Other then that it is great and I importantly recommend it for anyone! (Two of my friends started a couple of weeks ago and both are not smoking a well!)
Yes, dear, it really works. And yes, near are a few side effects. Most common side effects are tolerable most of the time - resembling occasional nausea and vivid dreams. Everyone's experience with it is fairly different.

There are many race on the web who blogged in the region of their quits using Chantix, including myself, and reading up on those blogs may help you get the drift the whole dynamics of how Chantix works better. My blog is at http://onchantix.com/blog/stan

There are links to various others at http://onchantix.com/weblinks

I hope you will decide to supply it a try!
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