what is the difference between symptoms and signs?

Symptoms are subjective
Signs are objective
Example: I hold a sore throat - a symptom
The doctor notices your glands are swollen - a sign
symptoms and signs are simular but symptoms are more defined a short time ago as red spots with little blisters within them are a symptom of chicken spots. A sign of chicken spots is a loss of appetite and a fever.
zilch i would say. Isnt it in recent times the choice of words? interesting
There is a difference.

Signs can be visually seen by speak medical personnel, like swelling
Syrmptoms are more subjective, resembling reporting of a headache.
Symptoms are what the patient feel (for example, chest pain or nausea); signs are what another creature (a physician or other diagnosing practitioner) sees as evidence of disease or abnormality (for example, an phenomenal test result, or that a one exam is unusually painful).
yes the symptoms are movable and the signs are statioary ,symptoms are problematic when signs are pointers ways which to go!!
As a EMT we are skilled , Sysptoms = what the pt tells us (ex I be aware of pains it my left leg,it really hurts ). Signs = What we see ( ex swelling,reddness to gone lower leg ) Hope this helps.

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