Stronger Herbal Tea Then Sleepytime Or Chamomile ?

looking for a stronger herbal tea then sleepytime or chamomile to aid me get to sleep also want something that i could take everynight that wouldnt motivation be to have problems if i arranged to stop drinking it i heard Valerian root can create withdrawal and i suppose st johns wort looking for a stronger tea that wouldnt cause these kind of problems if stopped

1.Hawthorn tea is good for stressed out tension and sleeplessness.

2.Hops Tea - A sleepy brew most adjectives for insomnia relief. Hops are silly to be taken internally by anyone feeling low or suffering from depression.

Valerian is sometimes used as a treatment for anxiety. However, it is more commonly recommended as an aid for occasional insomnia.
try green tea wit no cafine that other helps me relax
keenness flower tea

loosestrife tea
Here are some extracts from a book I am writing,, hope this answers your question.

California Poppy (Eschscholzia Californica)
Use Arial parts
Is related to the Opium Poppy (Papaver Somniferum) and contains similar alkaloids, but much smaller number powerfull and not addictive. Gentle enough for children that are hyperactive or cannot sleep. Also usefull for adults who suffer from insomnia or who is over-anxious. Can be used contained by two ways. First as a sleep-inducing remedy to be taken last piece at night and again if you wake up before morning and can be COMBINED next to Pasiflora, Lactuca or Humulus. Second, which goes further to dealing near the root cause of sleeplessness, is to COMBINE near herbs approaching Avena, Verbena and Hypericum, that nourish and strengthen the disturbed system, during the day regularly. Once you are stronger, darkness problems often resolve themselves. It also help with daytime problems similar to anxiety and panic-attacks. It has a placid anodyne effect, although it is not nearly as effective as Papaver Somniferum at dealing next to pain. But it can serve in taking the snake of pain and surrounded by easing the anxiety that goes beside it.

Granadilla, Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnata)
Use Leaves
Passion Flower does the opposite than its dub suggests, rather than raise fire it helps to unruffled it down. It’s the first herb of choice for adults who cannot sleep. It helps ensure a restfull hours of darkness with no hangover notion like near conventional sleeping pills. Its sedative part also makes it usefull for those suffering from anxiety attacks and anxiety. COMBINE with Scutellaria, Humulus, Eschscholzia or Lactuca. It is worth trying contained by any situation where stress is a factor. Take it later thing at dark for insomnia or regularly during the day for afraid problems. Its also antispasmodic and slightly painkilling, and can be used to abet manage illnesses approaching Parkinson’s disease or mild epilepsy, to reduce the spasm of neuralgia and shingles and to reduce the physical and wild tension that comes next to asthma. CULINARY: The fruits of some varieties of Passiflora are both appetizing and delicious. They are eat raw, prepared contained by many ways and can be juiced

Hops (Humulus Lupulus)
Use Flowers of Female Plant (Strobiles)
Its prevalent use is as a mild sedative. It can assistance to easy anxiety and tautness, calm restlessness and bring tranquil sleep. Is also calming to the digestive system and can relief with indigestion and irritable bowls and for this COMBINE next to Chamomilla and Symphytum. To treat anxiety COMBINE with Valeriana or Passiflora and to backing with insomnia COMBINE near Passiflora, Lactuca or Eschscholzia. Contains plant oestrogens and can be a usefull friend for woman going through menopause, also dampens sexual desire in men close to beer. CULINARY: Is an essential ingredient in beer contained by Europe. Young shoots used to be valued as a vegetable in Roman times. OTHER: The leaves and flowers own been used to produce a brown dye. CAUTION: Not suitable for empire suffering from depression.

Peace be within us
Valerian is fine, especially when you are not making it yourself from Valerian plant. The teabags are not really potent ample to have any longterm effects.
You can double or triple the chamomile and it may support you sleep better.

Also, cover very table lamp - digital clock, light from outside, etc. It will assist you stay asleep.
Try valerian root, passion flower, or kava kava along beside the chamomile. You can also use benadryl. One of its uses is as a sleep aid.
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