What growth supplement is most effectual?

Simple things first. I am big on micronutrients (minerals and antioxidants), vegetables (phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins), and whey and soy proteins. Egg Whites are also good. Get plenty of hose. Your urine should be clear and continuous. Drink green tea cold and unsweetened and quit drinking coffee- it leeches out calcium and upsets mineral balance surrounded by the body.

Never drink soda again- its loaded with chemicals, sugar, and carbon dioxide. Athletes don't touch the stuff.

Then Iron- as surrounded by, pump some iron. Eat it, and lift it. Muscle wants Iron. Calcium is the chemical "sparkplug" of muscle contractions. Creatine is very virtuous for power if you are already maxing out and stay super-hydrated with dampen all the time- and potassium help you stay hydrated. There have be problems with Creatine so take care with it. Whey protein is great for padding the nice tears you have created by working out properly and staying hydrated.

If you hold a sweet tooth, treat yourself to bananas & chocolate powder or milk, or bananas & honey. If you must eat rime cream or sweet things, dilute it with banana.

Eat plenty of fiber. Fiber will spread you up so you will be less hungry, and cleanses you GI tract so you can engage things you need.

Alot of stuff out nearby is BS if you eat fresh vegetables (raw is best) and bring protein with brown rice beside beans (full spectrum of amino acids) Good luck.

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