Did you know Ozone Therapy Kills adjectives virus and germs?

'Healing Super-Water'
It will be interesting to watch this 'super water' and how it may be set up as a profit center for big pharma...and how it will threaten the mega billion dollar antibiotic paradigm

Yeah, this and oxygen to put to death cancer, or that B vitamin that's illegal (because it get rid of cancer).
20 years ago, you could get "natural' cures and nobody care...now the gov't is trying to regulate everything only so that they can squeeze a profit from it...if they don't make it, they don't want you to use it.
Ozone have been within use for a long time, and many cities use ozone to purify drinking hose without tally chemicals. Ozone is also used commonly to treat gangrene in parts of the world.

The disobey with ozone surrounded by medical use is that you have to attain the ozone in direct contact near pathogens and in soaring enough concentrations to be exact is lethal to the pathogens. This is unproblematic to do with something approaching gangrene where the infection is superficial. For internal conditions, here is no easy track to concentrate the ozone at the site that needs treatment. For example, if
the ozone concentration within the bloodstream is lethal to pathogens, it is also toxic to red blood cell. So, ozone treatment could cause some serious side effects similar to chemotherapy.

Don't expect any miracles from ozone, but the use of ozone is promising to increase for certain types of treatments where on earth ozone can be directly applied to a site in a mixture next to gases or hose, but not in the bloodstream. Big pharmacy is probably looking into ways to focus transference of ozone to specific types of cells or tissues so it can be used internally. So, here is still lots of money that can be made from ozone. No way to avoid big brother.

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