Stopping a cold from getting worse - such a entity as using too tons OTC and untaught remedies?

Felt like I be catching a cold this morning... so took action. Have be taking Airborne, Emergen-C, Oscillococcinum, and Zicam. Have had 3-4 doses of respectively today, all somewhat evenly spaced out. My grill is: is this overkill or is my body still benefiting from taking so much of these products. I don't think any injure is being done, because I haven't gotten any worse. Thanks!

Don't bring them all at ONCE!!! Just stick to "Airbourne!"
hi, why not replace adjectives those medications near a beautiful cup of hot freshly squeezed lemon liquid with a touch of honey, please try it.
What doesn't show immediately doesn't mean it will not be. Some effect might show up out of sudden approaching when u are older. U might wan to find out how long it truly take a human body to clear away adjectives those toxic substance (colouring and stuff like that) we taken everyday.
Stay away from adjectives these otc. Your body has a unconscious immune system, don't interfere with it. An asprin or something if you take a headache is fine. Rest and liquids is adjectives a cold needs and stay away from others so as not to infect every one else. Hope you surface better soon.
It is possible to take too much cold pills but many times (for a short time) using up to 1-1/2 times what the sign says is what the doctor will prescribe.

The rest is not related to a cold but may put together you FEEL better.

Pain can be referred from places other than the manager. This deals near headaches but the principle works for adjectives kinds of aching.
Muscles get knot called trigger points. These build the muscles tight causing them to press on nerves and other entity.
#1 The first thing is to lug a couple swigs of molasses or eat a couple of bananas. They contain magnisium and potassium both of which muscles stipulation.
#2 WATER she should be drinking 1/2 gallon minimum. The head of neurology at UCDavis liken a body running low on water to a coup¨¦ running low on oil (the engine can seize).
Get a obedient (deep tissue) massage (to loosen the trigger points) on the vertebrae, shoulders and neck. Make sure to press up at the remnant of the skull where it meet the spine.
You rub or lightly cut into everywhere on your head. You will hit spots that are tender these are trigger points. The belief is to rub across them 6-12 times per session up to six times per day until they travel away.
For more information on trigger points read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies.

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